Sensemaker    Artist


Licensed Art-Therapist

SoulCollage®Facilitator and SoulCollage® Trainer  

AuraSoma®Consultant and AuraSoma®Teacher

Medicinewalk- and VisionQuest-Guide

Guide for Rituals and palliative care

Art Lecturer



Since I can think, art always has been my way to explore, express and communicate. My education in anthroposophical Art-Therapy opened a wide field of creative engagement. With the beautiful SoulCollage® virus I got infected in 2009 and since then it became a major part of my work. I practice SoulCollage® with children in public schools, with teenagers on their way to become adult, as well as in various groups or in one to one settings in my Atelier. As the first German speaking Trainer it is an honour and a great joy to share Seena's beautiful tool with Swiss, Austrain, German and world wide SoulCollagers!


The creative play with colors, with all my senses, with intuition and imagination fascinates me on all levels. Mother nature is my deepest teacher. Shaman rituals, sacred journeys to the desert, the mountains and woods, VisionQuests and Medicinewalks, EFT, AuraSoma® and of course SoulCollage® are my tools, to accompany children, teenagers and adults to find their authenticity and their roots.

In all those years of exploring, many creative workshops and retreats evolved: Inspired by inner wisdom and spiritual guidance unique ways and possibilities to experience healing had been developed: the walk on one's own timeline, workshops to awaken the inner artist, and retreats to learn how to read and appreciate the messages mother nature offers us.


2014 I was allowed to translate the SoulCollage® book of Seena B. Frost into German. What a treasure!

Each new created SoulCollage® Card is a surprise. The way this beautiful and creative method allows the soul to speak is unique. It is my aim to pass on this magic spark of playful joy, deep learning, selfesteem, respect and unconditional love.


A seeker most of the time I was and life has generously guided me to various wonderful teachers. Through Yoga (Selvarajan Yesudian), meditation (Amma Amritananda), healing arts (Rudolf Steiner), shamanism (Emahò) and spiritual growth, I learnt to trust life and its unique flow. This is my inspiration and what is holding me, wherever I am whatever I do. My Neters are my best friends, coaches and wise teachers on my path and it is a joy to have them at hand wherever I am whatever I do...


I talk fluently Swissgerman, German, French, English and some Italian and Greek. On request I do workshops, trainings and guide sacred Journeys all over the world.


  "Fortune always is present - the only question is: Am I present too?…" AT